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A bad DJ ensures everyone “remembers” him after the event, but a good DJ makes sure everyone is having a great time. We have done DJing at many different venues in the area such as Eden’s Gate Wedding Venue, Haenertsburg Hall, Orion Magoebaskloof Hotel, Mac Venue, Kings Walden, Thandabantu Lodge and more. We are a team of DJ’s so can do any wedding or function across culture and have backups if one of the DJ’s gets ill or something unforeseen happen, which is gold. We make sure that everyone has a great time. We are Samro registered under the Mobile Disc Jockeys category with License Number: 00271918 and Relation Number: 2333332




For your wedding or event you can choose the music that you would like us to play and if you need help we can help...


We are dress neatly at all times and keep our area clean and tidy. You can work out your music play list and we will make sure it happens as you...

Night Club

If you would like me to play for your party just get in contact with me so we can get the ball rolling and the music...

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